Weight Loss Bundles

Weight Loss Bundles

Here at The Man Shake, we know you're after something that's not just good for your health, but also kind to your wallet. That's why we've grouped together our best products, offering you weight loss bundles that'll make your journey towards a healthier life both easier and more affordable.

From weight loss shakes to protein bars, we've bundled up the good stuff so you can smash your health goals—without the fuss.

Why We Have the Best Weight Loss Bundles For Men

A Range That Meets Every Bloke's Needs

From our best-selling meal replacement shakes to the energy-boosting Man Bar, our bundles have got it all. And there's more—we've also got couples and family packs, so you can get everyone on board with healthy living.

The Nutritious, Convenient Solution

Whether you're chasing a boost in energy, better skin health, or just a quick, healthy bite to refuel, The Man Shake's got your back. Each item in our weight loss bundles is packed with all the nutrients a man needs for his wellness journey.

Affordable Wellness for the Everyday Bloke

Looking for premium products without breaking the bank? That's where our weight loss bundles step in. We're all about giving you bang for your buck with The Man Shake products. 

Tailored for Every Man's Journey

No matter if you're just starting off or are well on your way to reaching your weight loss goals, our bundles have got you covered. We've thought about every man's nutritional needs and fitness aims, crafting bundles that suit you, no matter what stage you're at.

Our Selection of Value Packs

Our bundles combine the convenience and nutrition you need with the savings you love. Here are some of our most popular value packs:

The Man Shake Meal Replacement Shake Bundle: Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Our popular Buy 3, Get 1 Free pack for The Man Shake is a total game-changer for reaching your wellness goals. Each shake is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, and is low on sugar. You can even level up and include our signature shaker in your pack!

The Man Bar Protein Bar Bundle: Buy 3 Get 1 Free

For the man on the move, The Man Bar Buy 3 Get 1 Free bundle is a no-brainer. These bars aren’t just a quick snack; they're a nutritious meal that fits right in your pocket. 

Couples Pack

Tackle your fitness goals as a duo with our Couples Starter Pack. Packed with goodies from both The Man Shake and The Lady Shake, it's the perfect bundle for couples helping each other towards better health.

Family Health Pack

Got a family that's all about health and fitness? Why not grab a Family Health Pack? This awesome bundle is a win-win for everyone in the home!

Immunity Booster Pack

Our Immunity Booster Pack is designed to keep you fighting fit. Packed with essential nutrients that support your immune system, it's the perfect addition to your daily health regimen.

Weight Loss Bundles - FAQs

What are the health benefits of choosing your weight loss bundle packs?

With a 5-star health rating, our bundles are jam-packed with high protein for muscle growth and repair, plus heaps of dietary fibre to keep your digestion on track. Check out the nutritional info of each bundle to learn more.

Is it worth buying weight loss shake bundles?

You bet it is! Think about it: you're scoring all the awesome health perks of our products, but at a lower price. Plus, who doesn't love the simplicity of it all? Grabbing a bundle means you don't have to bother with repeat buys, keeping your diet plan smooth and straightforward.

What products are included in your weight loss bundles for men?

Our weight loss bundles for men are loaded with everything a bloke needs to smash those weight loss targets—think killer meal replacement shakes and power-packed protein bars. And for those who love a great deal, why not grab our His and Hers or Couples Starter Pack? It's an epic mix of goodies from both The Man Shake and The Lady Shake.